Who am I? Born and raised in Kalamazoo County I am someone who only wants the very best for this district, this state, and this Country!


I graduated from Portage Northern High School and upon graduation immediately joined the United States Marine Corps. I accomplished 5 years of duty including a tour in Afghanistan serving our nation during one of our most vulnerable times. I finished my degree later in life at SUNY Cortland and decided to move back to Michigan to work with Western Michigan Football Coach PJ Fleck in 2016 as a student assistant on this historic Championship Team. 


Watching every year as Fred Upton continued to vote against the will of his constituents, I knew that we as Michiganders deserved better representation. With the recent Impeachment vote against President Trump, his vote to remove another Republican from their committees, and the censorship votes by several GOP committees, it is apparent Upton has lost the confidence of this district. You deserve better!

I am not a millionaire. I am not a politician. I do not own businesses or deal in real estate. I am just a dad, a Marine Veteran, a football coach and someone who believes that the people in Washington who are supposed to represent us truly do not understand the “People” in “We, the People”. I have struggled, been on assistance and needed support. My parents are not wealthy but have taught me the morals that I continue to pass down to my children today. 

I know that our representation can do better for the people of this district. I know we have settled for way too long. Now is the time to make that change to someone who is willing to stand up, not back down and support the Constitution! I am not beholden to big corporations or big money. I will be in office to support this district and the law of the land and there isn’t a single individual that will push me around: That is the Marine in me. 


Now is the time I will need your support. I am running against the establishment. Against big money and big corporations. They will stop at nothing to pour money into their candidate to ensure that the American voice is NEVER heard from again. We, The People are up against the money machine, but they do not know just how powerful we can be when we work together! 


Please help us win back our voice, our vote and our freedoms with a DONATION and then come help support us by sharing, visiting and volunteering with our campaign so that we can put PEOPLE back into “We, the People!” 

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